Best Plant-Based Shampoo and Conditioner Benefits

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When it comes to the products you use regularly on your skin, quality matters.

Since your skin, including your scalp, absorbs ingredients, choosing ones that are safe and natural can help you stay healthy. Unfortunately in the United States, hundreds of ingredients, which are banned in other countries, are considered safe to add to skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty products.

Thankfully, you have a choice about what you buy.

While there are dozens of brands that continue to create products, like shampoo and conditioners, with harmful or cruel ingredients, there are plenty that don’t. Vegan companies are making it easier for you to find the best plant-based shampoo and hair care options that really work - and that are good for you and the animals you love, too.

And, there’s more to it than just good hair (although that’s important, too).

Plant-based shampoo has incredible benefits that make choosing it over its competition easier than ever. Below are just six of the many benefits that will make you believe in the power of plant-based products.

1. Plant-Based Shampoo Does Not Contain Harmful Ingredients. Many popular brands of shampoos actually contain potentially dangerous chemicals. And, since it is absorbed by your body, choosing products that are free from these ingredients is just as important as choosing organic food. When you buy plant-based shampoo, you won’t see parabens, sulfates, or other harmful chemicals.

2. Plant-Based Shampoo Actually Improves Your Hair’s Health. Unlike some shampoos, which can strip your scalp and hair follicles of important nutrients, natural plant-based options use extracts that can help contribute to hair growth, moisture, and overall condition.

3. Plant-Based Shampoo Doesn’t Irritate. People with sensitivities should always opt for a plant-based shampoo product because they are naturally formulated with ingredients that don’t irritate the skin or eyes. Most plant-based shampoos refrain from using strong fragrances and perfumes, which also makes them a smart option for individuals with sensitivities to certain synthetic smells.

4. Plant-Based Shampoo Is Good For The Environment. Because it is made with natural ingredients, a plant-based shampoo is a more environmentally friendly option. While other ingredients in shampoos, like harsh chemicals, won’t biodegrade, those found in plant-based options will.

5. Plant-Based Shampoo Is Good For Animals. While you may not realize it, many ingredients common in the beauty industry are actually animal by-products. Plant-based shampoos, however, never use animal ingredients or by-products, which makes sure that you aren’t contributing to animal cruelty and slaughter when you purchase them.

6. Plant-Based Shampoo Uses Fewer Ingredients. Want to know what’s really in your shampoo? Choosing a plant-based shampoo is a great way to feel confident about what you are putting on your body. For the most part, plant-based natural shampoos use fewer ingredients. And, the best part is that you’ll most likely recognize all of them.

When you decide to purchase a great plant-based shampoo, you are making a decision that is good for everyone involved. Not only will you get great hair, but you’ll also ensure that you are not hurting the planet or any of the creatures that call it home.


Try Birch3 vegan shampoo and conditioner today and remember… Be Healthy. Be Kind. Be Vegan.





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