Plant-Based Shampoo

Plant-based shampoo should be on your radar right now.

People are shocked when they find out what's stuffed into everyday hair care products. Additives and fillers that come from the slaughterhouse no longer make sense. And it's easier now to make the switch to plant-based alternatives. For the good of your own health and that of the planet.

The best way to get your hair back to its natural beauty is to switch to plant-based vegan shampoo options. Remarkable! The same principle you apply to your diet, works for your hair. Feed your hair wholesome nutrients, and ban animal ingredients from your home. This is a excellent place to start.

So where to begin?

plant-based shampooSearching for plant-based shampoos and conditioners is easy now that veganism is mainstream. Check labels well. The ingredients on a vegan shampoo should be recognizable and sound pretty darn delicious! Well, not delicious exactly, but definitely consumable. The absolute best way to decide on a product, to avoid any grey area, is to look for the word vegan. This means plant-based ingredients and no animal testing at any stage of production. Thereby leaving your daily grooming completely guilt-free.


Whatever hair type you have or whatever problem you're hoping to fix, there is a vegan plant-based shampoo for you.

Plant-based shampoos contain natural, organic ingredients. Now, the great variety means everyone can find the specialty shampoo that’s right for them too. So, your damaged hair, limp hair, dandruff problems and oily hair can all now enjoy the vegan trend. And find the ideal plant-based solution. Which means more choice for savvy consumers like you.

Here are some of the best plant-based shampoo ingredients you’ll see while shopping for plant-based hair care;

Argan Oil Plant-Based ShampooArgan oil: an absolute wonder ingredient, loaded with moisturizing benefits. It also has the ability to help restore damaged hair to its former glory.

Aloe Vera: this versatile plant is best known for its moisturizing properties. But is also loaded with amino acids and enzymes that help combat dandruff and dry scalp conditions.

Coconut oil: coconut oil has a reputation for being the cure for all ills. It definitely has health benefits when consumed. And for hair it is a miracle ingredient that cleans, moisturizes, nourishes and shines.

Citrus: lemon, lime and bergamot have been used to clean and deodorize for centuries. The health benefits from citrus is well documented. They are powerful cleaners, packed with vitamins, making them perfect for hair care.

Best Plant-Based ShampooJojoba oil: is unique among vegetable oils because it is very like our natural skin oils. It replaces animal fats that are used in tons of products because it works better. Plain and simple. Another excellent plant product that you can feel great about using on your body.

Products with these ingredients almost sound good enough to eat! Which means you’re on the right track to looking and feeling great. Plant-based shampoo ingredients that are healthy for you, makes good, clean sense.

We know vegans choose food from pure, plant-based sources.

But, it’s important to find clothing and grooming products without animal ingredients. Now it’s easier to find vegan hair care.

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