Why Shopping for the Best Vegan Shampoo is Important

what is the best vegan shampoo

When you look at all of the products you use the most, shampoo ranks high on that list for most people. Whether used daily or several times each week, you come in close contact with shampoo regularly. And, because the products you use on your body and scalp get absorbed by your body, it’s crucial that you choose products that are safe.

But while looking for shampoos that are paraben and phthalate free is a good start, choosing a product that is also vegan is important. Vegan products, whether you are vegan in daily life or not, are produced consciously and carefully, making them a smart choice for anyone who is concerned with their well-being, as well as the well being of the planet.

When you decide to purchase a vegan shampoo, you are committing to a higher standard of production, one that is powered by botanicals and that is safe.

While some natural or vegan products have gotten a bad reputation over the years for not being as effective as other “salon” or “professional” products, all of that is changing thanks to the newest brands in the game. Today, you can find a vegan shampoo that performs just as well, if not better, than some of the pricey designer labels we have all been marketed.

Still not convinced the best vegan shampoo is right for you?

Check out the following benefits of using vegan shampoo and other products and see if your mind doesn’t change…

  • The Ingredients Are Alive. Many non-vegan cosmetic and beauty brands, including those that make hair products, use ingredients that are created from animal by-products. Vegan products, on the other hand, commit to using ingredients that are plant-based, which means that they are powered by living botanicals (not dead animals). Your scalp, just like your skin, is delicate. Choosing ingredients that nourish, rather than those that strip, help to keep your hair and your body clean and vibrant.
  • The Ingredients Are Sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, vegan products are a better option because they contain fewer ingredients. And, when you look at the ingredient list on the best vegan shampoos and products, you will recognize the majority (if not all) of them. The same is not true for other brands whose lists of ingredients are lengthy and filled with chemicals and mystery names. When you find the best vegan shampoo brands, you’ll likely see that they’re free of other potentially harmful ingredients, like gluten and parabens.
  • The Ingredients Aren’t Tested on Animals. Vegan shampoos and other beauty products are mindful of the entire product creation process. While many brands rely on cruel animal testing to ensure their formulas are safe, vegan brands never do this. Because the ingredients they are using are natural, vegan brands don’t have to worry about trying formulas out on themselves, which saves the lives of millions of lab animals who are forced to endure a litany of tests and a life in cage. By purchasing vegan products, you are helping to spare the lives of animals who would otherwise end up in a lab.
  • The Brands Are Conscious. Vegan brands are, by nature, more conscious than other beauty brands. Because of this, you’ll discover that most vegan products are produced and packaged more consciously. From minimal packaging and recycled materials to fair wages and treatment of workers, vegan brands continue to raise the bar when it comes to standards in the beauty world.

Sandy Taylor, the editor at the beauty blog Foundation Fairy, says that using vegan products gives her peace of mind because she knows that the products “are natural and healthy.” She goes on to say, “Learning how animals were treated in labs to test health and beauty products I realized I couldn’t be part of that any longer. It’s horrifying.”

By deciding to shop for the best vegan shampoo and other beauty products, you can also feel good about your purchases. Buying vegan means that you know that you are not only doing good for your health, but also doing good for the health and well-being of animals and people everywhere - not to mention the planet.

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