Vegan Hair Care

Have you heard the latest buzzword in beauty?

It's Vegan hair care and its gaining steam. We all want to feel that we're doing our best to be ethical and responsible shoppers. Switching to a Vegan hair care routine is the next step. And it's a super way to help your family become earth-friendly and still use great products that work. The more this movement grows the more choice consumers have. So, you'll soon be spoilt for choice in the shampoo and conditioner aisle.

The movement towards organic foods and natural products is not new. For many decades this lifestyle has been promoted and embraced by millions of people. But now this ideal, healthier way of living is easier for average people to adopt. Vegan, healthier products are within reach more than ever before. Products that are cruelty-free and less polluting to the earth. It’s easy to see why so many are making the switch to vegan as much as possible.

Vegan hair care uses natural, raw ingredients to formulate shampoos and conditioners that surpass the regular products we are all used to. Ingredients like jojoba and aloe help to create shine and strength in hair. Argan oil and coconut that hydrate and feed your hair. Vegan hair care replaces animal by-products with plant-based alternatives. For example, Biotin a common texturizer in conditioners is usually sourced from milk but vegan sources come from leafy greens. Stearic Acid found in so many shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products comes from the fat from farm animals.But cocoa butter and shea butter do the same job. Gelatin comes from boiled animal bones and skin but is easily replaced with seaweed(agar), and Irish moss(carrageenan). It sounds healthier because it is. It’s Vegan.

Vegan hair care brands also contain far fewer ingredients than their commercial counterparts. Meaning what they leave out, or replace with plant products, is harmful additives. Additives like parabens that damage follicles, or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) that can damage hair instead of protecting it.

The bottom line is that Vegan hair care keeps your hair healthier than the regular brands.

When you use vegan products you’re using biodegradable, Earth-friendly products. The farming of animals uses tons of natural resources, like water. It creates more greenhouse gases and more pollution than growing plants ever could. So, buy vegan hair care and at the very least and you can be smug about doing your bit to help save the environment. Getting you beautiful, healthy hair and preventing harsh chemicals from heading to our lakes and rivers.

Of course the main benefit of switching to vegan hair care is that no animals are harmed in any way to make the product. No animal by-products and no animal testing.

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