The Best Vegan Shampoo for Curly Hair is a Game Changer

Vegan Shampoo for Curly Hair

Vegan Shampoo for Curly Hair

Everyone with straight hair wants a head full of curls, but anyone with curly hair knows just how difficult they can be to manage. But, when taken care of properly, a full-head of curly hair is definitely something to be envied. This is why people with naturally curly hair work hard to make their voluminous locks shine, looking for products that can help create more definition and bounce.

Take a look at any line of hair care products, and you’re bound to find plenty that say they are specifically made for curly hair. And while some will work, there are loads that don’t deliver as promised, which can quickly lead to frustration and the feeling like your hard-earned money is literally going down the drain.

If you have curly hair, chances are you’ve tried dozens of products already. But, there’s one you might not have thought of, and that’s vegan shampoo.

Using vegan shampoo for curly hair is a little bit of an industry secret and, if you are new to the idea, one that is bound to raise a few eyebrows. But, once you understand what makes vegan shampoo different from other shampoos, you’ll start to see why it’s a popular choice.

By nature, vegan shampoo is natural, which means there are fewer ingredients that will weigh down your hair. This alone is a great benefit for people with curly hair, as it means curls will have more bounce. In addition to being natural, and oftentimes organic, here are three other benefits to using vegan shampoo for curly hair.

  1. Healthier Hair Follicles. Vegan shampoos are formulated with powerful living plant-based ingredients. Unlike the harsh ingredients found in other shampoos, vegan shampoos are actually good for your hair follicles. And, when your hair follicles are healthy, it can help your hair grows faster, which is exciting if your curls can feel like they take ages to grow.
  2. Your Scalp Will Be More Moisturized. One of the downsides of having curly hair is that it can feel dry and brittle from time to time. Keeping your locks moist is a constant challenge. Thankfully, vegan shampoo is here to help your curly hair. Designed with natural oils that are good for your scalp, vegan shampoos can help promote a healthy scalp, which in turn lead to hair that looks and feels more hydrated.
  3. Your Hair Will Feel (And Look) Healthier. Vegan shampoo’s natural ingredients are soothing for your scalp and you hair follicles. When you take care of both your scalp and your follicles, it helps your hair grows healthier and stronger. For many people with curly hair, breakage is just part of the styling game. But, when you start using vegan shampoo, you’ll discover that your hair feels better with less breakage and less frizz.

If you have naturally curly hair and haven’t tried vegan shampoo yet, today is a great day to start. Not only will you experience healthier looking hair, you’ll find it more manageable, too. And, thanks to the essential oils and botanical ingredients, your scalp and hair follicles can return to a balanced, vibrant state, one that won’t require hours of your time to fight.

If you want to embrace your curls, it’s time you embrace vegan shampoo!

In addition to using vegan shampoo, here are a few other tips for curly hair you will find game changing in your daily routine…

•   Don’t Towel Dry.

Drying your wet curly hair with a towel can create more of that frizz you’re trying to manage. Instead of using a towel, try blotting your hair dry with a t-shirt. The different material and texture can help keep annoying frizz at bay.

•   Throw Away Your Brush.

Brushing your curly hair is a sure fire way to create breakage and damage. Using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush can help you create definition in your curls and without causing unnecessary damage. For awesome results, work from the bottom up as you comb your hair. Starting from the top down can actually create more tangles.

•   Set Down The Hair Dryer.

When possible, let your curly hair dry naturally rather than using heat. Hair dryers can damage all types of hair, but curly hair is specifically at risk. If you must blow dry your hair, find the lowest, coolest setting possible because in addition to damaging your hair, high heat can create frizz.

•   Treat Yourself To Satin Pillows.

You may have heard that satin pillowcases are good for your face, especially if you sleep on your stomach or side, but they’re also great for people with curly hair. Sleeping on satin helps to keep your curls defined because the material creates less friction than others, like cotton.

•   Sleep With A Humidifier.

Especially if you live in a dry climate, adding extra moisture to your home can help to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. This hydration can help you naturally beat frizz.

When your curly hair is taken care of, it looks incredible. And while there are lots of products to try, remember that sometimes the simplest solutions are actually the most effective. Before you pick up another mystery product labeled for curly hair, try swapping your regular shampoo for vegan shampoo. Vegan shampoo, along with some of the other tips mentioned above, will change the way you care for, and enjoy, your curls.

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