Vegan Shampoo for Grey Hair

vegan shampoo for grey hair Vegan Shampoo for Grey Hair

Should you change your hair care routine when you go grey?

Many hair care pros say this is a good idea. Firstly because your hair changes texture when it goes grey. It might become more coarse and dry or even more vulnerable to breakage. You may have already noticed this if you've ever found the odd stray. And secondly, your hair needs clarifying more than ever to protect from unwanted yellow or brassy tones.

We’ve learned that vegan haircare products are the way to go when your silver hair appears. Just like hair that is over processed or heat damaged from styling, greying hair needs more TLC to keep it looking fit and healthy. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing vegan shampoos for grey hair.

1. Natural plant oils promote and healthy scalp as well as hair and keeping your scalp in great shape means beautiful hair will follow. Stronger hair means less breakage to so your dreaded frizz and brittle hair will be a thing of the past!

2. Vegan shampoo, made from all natural plant-derived ingredients, cleans your hair without stripping natural oils. Those oils protect hair from heat and everyday damage and therefore its a good idea to keep them balanced. When you strip the hair your scalp goes into overproduction mode and you end up having to wash hair more often and the vicious cycle begins.

3. Essences and oils make vegan shampoo and conditioners pack a real punch when it comes to moisture. Plant based oils work well with human skin and hair and hydrate perfectly without coating. Dehydrated hair is lifeless so rehydrating it is the fastest way to get your bounce back and keep hair looking fabulous at any age.

4. Vegan shampoos don't coat your hair in chemicals. The ingredients in regular shampoo can add layers of buildup on your hair which can turn the gorgeous grey, silvers and whites into yellowish, brassy and lacklustre. This is a definite no-no. Vegan shampoo clarifies hair strands, giving them strength and keeping them shiny. Citrus and coconut oil are two very popular ingredients that are heavy hitters in vegan haircare.

5. Your hair’s texture is not something that can be easily altered. But coarser hair can be made to feel much softer and smoother when you use certain plant based additives. Argan oil for one is a miracle worker for helper rougher hair, even grey hair bounce back to manageable texture. Many people find their hair doesn’t obey after it turns grey, but this shampoo will help restore that control, leaving you with soft, smooth hair.

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