Why Vegan Shampoo for Oily Hair Will Change Your Life

vegan shampoo for oily hair

Vegan Shampoo for Oily Hair

Dealing with oily hair can be super frustrating, especially when you’re trying to style it. Oily hair is incredibly hard to work with, but not doing something with your hair can be even worse. While there are lots of products you can find on the shelves, both virtual and at local shops, not all of them do as they advertise. In fact, many hair products that claim to be “good” for oily hair are actually only masking the problem.

Dry shampoo, although a lifesaver in a pinch, can actually create a lot of build up on your scalp, which not only stunts hair growth, but it can make your scalp produce more oil as side effect.

Thankfully, there is an effective option, and it all starts with changing your shampoo.

The shampoo you use on your hair is a huge influencer on the way your hair looks and feels. While we’re taught to believe that the more foam and lather the better, the reality is that these actually damage your head’s delicate scalp, and therefore impact the condition of your hair.

If you are struggling with oily hair, consider changing your shampoo to a vegan shampoo. Whether you are a vegan or not, the benefits of a vegan shampoo are great for people with oily hair, so much so that you’ll start to see positive effects even after just a few uses.

Why is vegan shampoo so beneficial?

Below are five benefits that will convince you to toss your current product and search for a better, more natural option.

1. Vegan shampoo can help balance your scalp.
Because of its natural ingredients (i.e. not harsh chemicals), vegan shampoo actually promotes a healthy scalp while simultaneously cleaning your hair. So many non-vegan hair products are a quick fix to a problem, like cleaning hair, but in the long run can do more harm than good. The botanical, gentle ingredients found in vegan shampoo will encourage your scalp to create the proper oils needed. And while the word “oils” may freak you out if you have oily hair, these natural ones are actually good. Just like using an oil-based cleanser on your face can actually make your skin less oily, the same is true with shampoos. By letting your scalp produce the oils it’s meant to, rather than stripping it with harsh shampoo products, you can re-balance your scalp and create better, less oily hair in the process.

2. Vegan shampoo can help make your hair follicles happy.
Non-vegan shampoos rely on loads of chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients in order to deliver results. If you experience oily hair, however, these products can be part of the problem. The harsh ingredients found in non-natural shampoos can create damage to your hair’s follicles and, in an effort to repair the damage, your scalp can actually produce more oil. By taking care of your follicles with vegan shampoo, you are quite literally getting to the root of your oily hair problem.

3. Vegan shampoo doesn’t irritate your scalp.
These same ingredients that strip your scalp and damage your hair follicles in regular shampoo, can also irritate. This irritation is just another potential source of oil-production. Switching to a vegan shampoo can help to calm an irritated scalp, which can reduce the amount of unnecessary oil it is producing. Ingredients, like essential oils and natural minerals, found in vegan shampoo are safe to use and, because they aren’t irritants, are gentle on your scalp. And, remember, a healthy scalp means less oily hair.

When you are looking for ways to manage your oily hair, it’s important to not just look for products that mask the real problem. If you want to end your battle with oily hair once and for all, consider switching to a vegan shampoo. Using a vegan shampoo for oily hair is not only good for your scalp, but it’s good for your overall health and the environment, too.

Talk about a win-win.



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