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5 Benefits of Using Vegan Shampoo for Damaged Hair

For the majority of women today, damaging hair on a daily basis is part of the routine. From high heat. straightening and curling, to colour processing, hair is more stressed out than ever! We don't intend to cause damage but we do it anyway in the name of beauty.
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100% Vegan Shampoo and Cruelty-Free

There are a lot of claims that are made on products these days. From the food you buy to the beauty products you use, every label is packed with words like “natural,” “organic,” and “effective.” While certain organizations are working to ensure that what brands advertise is actually true, the terms have still, for the most part, remained a bit foggy. This means that what one brand advertises as “organic” might be completely different from what another means when they say it.
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Plant-Based Shampoo

Plant-based shampoo should be on your radar right now.

People are shocked when they find out what's stuffed into everyday hair care products. Additives and fillers that come from the slaughterhouse no longer make sense. And it's easier now to make the switch to plant-based alternatives. For the good of your own health and that of the planet.

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Vegan Shampoo

Is Birch3 a Cruelty-Free Shampoo?

Yes, Birch3 is 100% cruelty-free, we do not test on animals and do not use any animal products in our ingredients.

Do we use Parabans ?

No, we work without the use of parabans , it is common in a lot of top makeup, face and color beauty products, but we do not use it.

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